GR Political Economy Digest #1

Today, together with the launch of this blog, I begin with what I hope to be the basic pillar of this endeavor (and its most frequent contribution): GR Political Economy Digest

This section presents a list of the hottest articles, op-eds and analyses on the political economy of Greece, written within the past few days, cherry-picked by The Greek Analyst.

  1. Greece Could Exit the Euro by Accident, Warns Hardouvelis | Bloomberg, Jan 13 2015
  2. The Politics Behind the ECB’s Threat to Cut Greece Funding | Bloomberg, Jan 13 2015
  3. ECB warning to Greece deploys tactic honed in crisis | Kathimerini, Jan 13 2015
  4. Marcel Fratzscher: ‘Greece needs a new haircut’ | Deutsche Welle, Jan 13 2015
  5. The Sovereign Debt Crisis of Greece remains a Contentious Issue | The Huffington Post, Jan 13 2015
  6. Greece Can Learn from Brazil & Argentina | Bloomberg View, Jan 13 2015
  7. This Time Will Greece Exit the Eurozone? | Fortune, Jan 12 2015
  8. Catherine Rampell: Greece’s debt crisis is far from a resolution, to judge from history | The Washington Post, Jan 12 2015
  9. Greece in ‘Critical’ Situation as SYRIZA leads polls | CNBC, Jan 12 2015
  10. No Exit for Greece [OP-ED] | New York Times, Jan 12 2015
  11. After Elections, Greece Will Be in Race Against Time | New York Times, Jan 11 2015
  12. Greek PM offers to ease austerity to head off Syriza challenge | The Guardian, Jan 11 2015

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