GR Political Economy Digest #7

  1. IMF’s Lagarde warns of consequences to Greek debt restructuring | Reuters, Jan 19 2015
  2. Toward the Eurozone’s Defining Moment (Finally) | EconoMonitor, Jan 19 2015
  3. Greece is counting the cost of a possible EU exit: Heading for a stalemate or a bright new dawn? | Irish Examiner, Jan 19 2015
  4. ECB QE Needs to Include Greek Debt Writedown: Gallo | Bloomberg TV, Jan 19 2015
  5. Hopes, fears for the future ahead of Greek poll | Deutsche Welle, Jan 19 2015
  6. The Greek Election Explained | The Wall Street Journal, Jan 19 2015
  7. ECB Holds Key to Greek Developments | Kathimerini, Jan 19 2015
  8. Greek bond yields rise after Fitch cuts outlook on new crisis fears | The Economic Times, Jan 19 2015
  9. SYRIZA says it is ready to rule Greece and Europe ‘should not be afraid’ | Euronews, Jan 19 2015
  10. Greece will remain in the Euro for now | Centre for European Reform, Jan 16 2015



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