Syriza’s Communist Faction call for rupture

The Communist Faction of SYRIZA has initiated a signature-collecting campaign among the many members of the party. In a text to be submitted in the Central Committee of the party on the upcoming weekend (23-24 May) – in the form of a referendum – the Communist Faction is asking from the SYRIZA-led government to “stop paying the lenders-blackmailers” and to “implement the true popular mandate” on which SYRIZA campaigned, and eventually got elected.

Below, you can find a translated version of the text, that has been already signed by 150 members of SYRIZA. The members who have already signed the text hail from different parts of Greece (some are even stationed abroad), and will be asking for the support of all factions within SYRIZA during the weekend.

An important thing to be noted here is the fact that there is no prominent MP or  MEP signing the document, at the moment. It is a small part of SYRIZA’s membership asking for a more radical stance from the government towards the finale of the negotiations.  Nevertheless, coupled with the “call for rupture” by many prominent members of the Political Secretariat and the Central Committee of SYRIZA that was made just yesterday, this only puts added pressure on many MPs and cabinet members that are already contemplating of breaking with the more moderate line that the government seems to be following. (And I say *seems* here, because, given the way the negotiations have played out until today, and considering the recent comments made by Varoufakis and two spokesmen of SYRIZA, it becomes increasingly apparent that the Greek government is taking its haphazard bluff until the very end.)

In any case, here is the Greek version of the Communist Faction’s document, which includes a link to the signatures collected thus far. Right below, you can find the translated version of the text (minus the 150 names). It is a fascinating call for rupture (once again).


Implement now the the true popular mandate!

The mandate given by the people on January 25h was not for a compromise to be agreed with the extortionists-lenders, nor was it to “dry” the public coffers of the state in order to pay regularly the installments [to our lenders], at the very moment when they are creating conditions of financial asphyxiation.

The popular mandate was [for the government] to repeal austerity and the Memoranda, and to place the needs of the people above the servicing of the debt.

The government must respond to this popular mandate.

This is why we demand, at this very place and moment:

  • To suspend any payments towards the blackmailers-lenders. Delete the predatory – as it is amply revealed by the Auditing Control conducted by the [Greek] Parliament – public debt.
  • To abolish through the fastest way the Memoranda and their applicable laws, by making use of the draft bill submitted in the Parliament by KKE [Greek Communist Party], which must be voted by all MPs of SYRIZA.
  • To abort any plan of signing a new Memorandum, and if it comes to the Parliament for a vote, to be voted against by all MPs of SYRIZA.
  • To implement all pre-electoral pledges of SYRIZA and in order to finance them, to be complemented by the necessary radical measures against the large capital and wealth.

4 thoughts on “Syriza’s Communist Faction call for rupture

  1. RDS May 20, 2015 / 7:56 pm

    “Communist Faction” meaning the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE)?

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