Syriza’s Left Platform call not to pay next IMF tranche

Syriza’s Left Platform, spearheaded by Minister of Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy, Panagiotis Lafazanis, issued a document during today’s meeting of the Central Committee of SYRIZA, which will come for a vote later in the day. The document calls – once again! – for the rupture with the lenders. Specifically, it asks from the government not to repay the upcoming tranche to the IMF in June, if the ‘institutions’ continue with the ‘same blackmailing tactic.’

You can find the original text in Greek here and here. Below, you can find my translated version of the document.


The “institutions” are not pursuing what some call an “honest compromise,” since an “honest” compromise cannot occur with privatizations and new weights over the working classes and, of course, cannot occur without a real removal of austerity, [and] without the write-off of (the biggest part of) the debt, and without ample liquidity for the rejuvenation of the economy. 

What the dominant circles of the EU, the ECB, and the IMF are aiming at, ruthlessly and with consistency, for about four months now, is to strangle the economy, to drain even the last euro from the reserves of the country, and to force the government, “unprotected,” to complete submission and paradigmatic vilification.

This tactic by our partners was [also] verified in the Summit Meeting in Riga.

The government has no other choice than turning swiftly in the counterattack, with an alternative plan that will be based on the pre-electoral pledges of SYRIZA and the programmatic proclamations of the government. 

During these hours, we need [the following] to come urgently in the foreground:

  • The immediate nationalization of banks, with all relevant measures that are necessary in order to be secure and operate with clear productive, developmental and social criteria.
  • The establishment of democratic legitimacy and transparency in the dominant media, together with the substantive control of their debt and other obligations.
  • The immediate termination of each protection grid for the corrupt oligarchy of the country.
  • The removal of privileges, preferential arrangements, and immunity of major economic interests.
  • The effective taxation of great wealth, large property, very high incomes, and high profitability of large companies.
  • The immediate and complete restoration, assurance and actual abidance to labor and trade union rights of the working people. 

The government ought to refute the propaganda of the dominant circles, which terrorize the people with the ultimate destruction that will supposedly be brought with the failure of repaying the debt and the potential exit of Greece from the Eurozone.

The biggest disaster for the country is the imposition of a new Memorandum, of this [current form] or another form, and the extension of what was previously applied [by the former government]. 

It is this development that must be prevented, at all costs and with every possible measure.

Any alternative solution for an anti-memorandum progressive course, and first of all, interrupting the debt repayments, no matter how many difficulties it has, is far more preferable for the country, because it primarily offers hope and prospect[s] to the people. 

The government, if the “institutions” continue in the next few days with the same blackmailing tactic, must declare from now and directly that it will not “drown” the Greek people, by draining its savings, [and that] it will not repay the next tranche to the IMF, and that it is planning answers for the trajectory of the country, which ensure the implementation of its [own] program.


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