Game of Ultimatums 2: The 2nd nonpaper of the Greek government

 The Greek government just released a second non-paper within the day. It has a much more conciliatory tone than the first one. You can find the original here. Or see the translated version below.


  1. The Greek side is ready to submit counter-proposals, in order to bridge the remaining differences, exactly as it was agreed in the meetings of the Prime Minister in Brussels, with the leaders of Germany and France as well as with President Juncker.
  2. Representatives of the Greek Prime Minister will be tomorrow morning in Brussels in order to meet with representatives of the chiefs of the institutions.
  3. The estimate of the Greek government is that we are closer than ever to an agreement, since the difference in primary surpluses is only one of the scale of 0,25%.
  4. Consequently, what is needed now is the political will of mutual understanding. Nobody could ever imagine that the European political leadership would lead Europe in division for such a small difference, and for the insistence not to implement for Greece the framework of collective bargaining that is at place in most European countries.

2 thoughts on “Game of Ultimatums 2: The 2nd nonpaper of the Greek government

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