Tsipras’s nonpaper slamming SYRIZA dissenters

The Greek government released the following non-paper earlier today. After the warning shot towards the dissenters of the Left Platform, this time Prime Minister Tsipras uses even harsher words to slam on those MPs that still consider dissenting in tomorrow’s parliamentary vote involving the next set of prior actions.

Tsipras goes as far as warning SYRIZA MPs that “they should not hide behind the security of [his] own signature.” It is definitely an important non-paper, and it creates an even stronger indication that the PM is more than ready to clash with the radical parts of his coalition if they continue opposing him and the agreement [perhaps some stronger actions to be expected, other than merely changing the formation of his cabinet].

You can find the original version of the non-paper here. Below, you can find my own translation.


Speaking this morning in a meeting with his partners, Alexis Tsipras said, among other things:

“Until today I see reactions, I read about heroic statements, but I have heard no alternative proposal towards the blackmailing dilemma of the 12th of July.

If some believe that the alternative Leftist plan is the Schaeuble plan, [or] the seizure of the stock of banknotes of the ECB, or to give pensioners IOUs papers instead of pensions, they should go out to the Greek people and explain it to them.

And they should not hide behind the security of my own signature.

I am fully aware that I undertook a responsibility of a very difficult compromise. A compromise, however, that keeps us alive so as to continue fighting.

Tomorrow we vote for the latest prior actions and for a month, or so, we have no other obligation of legislating, and we should put the whole weight in the negotiation for a new loan agreement.

The result of this negotiation will be decisive and the government must utilize all possible alliances, political and social, in Europe, in order to have the best possible result.

At the same time, during this time period, we should throw the burden of the governmental policy-making on the four following axes:

  • In fighting corruption and interweaving relations.
  • In promoting important reforms and necessary changes in the political system.
  • In promoting targeted actions for the support of the most vulnerable social groups.
  • In an attempt of direct attraction of investments in the country, so as to balance the recessionary trends in the economy.

In terms of the next day [after] the agreement, it is necessary to make a review and a complete assessment of our course, and to draw collectively our strategy based on the facts of the new reality.

The “partisan” SYRIZA ought to map itself onto the “social” one. To receive the agonies and expectations of tens of thousands of normal people who put their hopes in it. And coordinated, as it suits the democratic culture of the Left, to be led onto wide collective processes in September, so as to determine the goals and the characteristics of this Left government over [those] new facts.”


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