New nonpaper by the Greek government, slamming EC President Juncker

The Greek government just released another nonpaper (in the same day!), this time hitting on statements made by President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. You can find the original (in Greek) here, and the translated version below.

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GR Political Economy Digest #1

Today, together with the launch of this blog, I begin with what I hope to be the basic pillar of this endeavor (and its most frequent contribution): GR Political Economy Digest

This section presents a list of the hottest articles, op-eds and analyses on the political economy of Greece, written within the past few days, cherry-picked by The Greek Analyst.

  1. Greece Could Exit the Euro by Accident, Warns Hardouvelis | Bloomberg, Jan 13 2015
  2. The Politics Behind the ECB’s Threat to Cut Greece Funding | Bloomberg, Jan 13 2015
  3. ECB warning to Greece deploys tactic honed in crisis | Kathimerini, Jan 13 2015
  4. Marcel Fratzscher: ‘Greece needs a new haircut’ | Deutsche Welle, Jan 13 2015
  5. The Sovereign Debt Crisis of Greece remains a Contentious Issue | The Huffington Post, Jan 13 2015
  6. Greece Can Learn from Brazil & Argentina | Bloomberg View, Jan 13 2015
  7. This Time Will Greece Exit the Eurozone? | Fortune, Jan 12 2015
  8. Catherine Rampell: Greece’s debt crisis is far from a resolution, to judge from history | The Washington Post, Jan 12 2015
  9. Greece in ‘Critical’ Situation as SYRIZA leads polls | CNBC, Jan 12 2015
  10. No Exit for Greece [OP-ED] | New York Times, Jan 12 2015
  11. After Elections, Greece Will Be in Race Against Time | New York Times, Jan 11 2015
  12. Greek PM offers to ease austerity to head off Syriza challenge | The Guardian, Jan 11 2015