Joint Statement by Greek Political Party Leaders

Following the result of yesterday’s referendum, where the Greek people responded with a resounding ‘NO’ to a highly ambiguous (and void) question, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called for a meeting with the rest of the political leadership in the country. After making his request official yesterday night, at the President of the Democracy, Prokovios Pavlopoulos, the President called the meeting earlier today at the Maximos Building.

What follows is the joint statement released after the conclusion of the meeting, translated in English. You can find the original statement (in Greek), here. Updates (perhaps) to follow, as more info comes in.

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Pre-Election Digest #1: Top Greek Articles to Read Before You Vote [In Greek]

Greek elections are almost a week away. Many Greek citizens have already decided what camp to follow. Yet, there are still many that remain undecided. Be it the extreme political polarization cultivated by the two leading parties – SYRIZA and ND – or the evident inadequacy of all parties running for a spot in the parliament, some people have yet to come to their decision of who to support. With this section, I hope to provide ample food for thought for those few days before the election. It is by no means a suggestion or push to vote for any of the pertinent parties. On the contrary, the purpose of this section is to help viewers reconsider the fundamental dilemmas faced by the country, and realize the “red lines” that you as voters want to use as guiding principles when casting your vote. Who knows, you might even find some hidden inspiration in some of them..

  1. Πούλαγε όνειρα, να κρύβεις εφιάλτες, του Απόστολου Δοξιάδη | Protagon, Jan 17 2015
  2. Πλησίστιοι στα βράχια, του Πέτρου Παπασαραντόπουλου | Μεταρρύθμιση, Jan 17 2015
  3. Η κορύφωση της Ραχήλ, του Πάσχου Μανδραβέλη | Η Καθημερινή, Jan 17 2015
  4. Κράτος Μπαμπούσκα, του Παναγιώτη Παπαχατζή | Protagon, Jan 17 2015
  5. Γ. Βαρουφάκης: Υπέρ του εξορθολογισμού του χρέους και όχι του κουρέματος |, Jan 17 2015
  6. Monopoly, της Λώρης Κέζα | Το Βήμα, Jan 16 2015
  7. Αρνητικές “προοπτικές” για την Ελλάδα από την Fitch Ratings |, Jan 16 2015
  8. KKE: Κατηγορεί τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ για γκεμπελιστικές μεθόδους |, Jan 16 2015