The pro-rupture article of uncompromising Minister Lafazanis


So, it’s been a long time since I have run any update on the blog. I return with the pro-rupture, uncompromising OP-ED article published today in Greek CRASH magazine by Panagiotis Lafazanis, the Greek Minister of Reconstruction of Production, Environment & Energy. Bear in mind that Lafazanis is one of the most hardcore members of Syriza’s Leftist platform. He is also one of the most influential. Once again, I translated the whole thing, leaving all judgment to you. The Greek version can be found in the website of the Ministry, here. In what follows, you can read my English translation.



Article of the Minister of Reconstruction of Production, Environment & Energy Panagiotis Lafazanis, published in today’s Crash magazine

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The scorching letter of Greek Min Panousis about the ‘state of the Left’ in Greece

The scorching article of Deputy Minister of Public Order Giannis Panousis, about the state of the Left in Greece. You can find the original here (in Greek). Below, you can find my translation. [FYI: Whatever you read within brackets is my own addition, for the sake of clarity.]


Can there be a Left of Nothingness? [or, Does the Left of Nothingness mean anything?]

We ought to discuss with each other, and put aside all certificates of ‘Leftwing-ness,’ which are usually issued by “people without a face.”

Left, and especially Governing Left, means equaliberty, rights, social policy, public scrutiny, justice. Whoever believes that in the modern international and European level, Leftist Governance means a defenseless country and city (without personal, social, and national security, without an army, and without policing, perhaps even without judges or prisons), whoever believes that the lessons of our History are unnecessary (since all people are “brothered” – sic!) and that Education allows us every unlawful action (sic!), then not only does this have nothing to do with the Left, but neither does it have to do anything with Democracy. This place and our people do not need this Left of Nothingness. The time of the Left in Greece is not the time of inexpensive ideologies and meaningless buzzwords, but it is the time of consolidation of institutions, of political legitimacy, and of social consensus.

P.S.1: It is scientifically interesting that some “pureblooded Leftists” (who has appointed them, really?) consider everything that they do not like as “fascist” and insult it as vulgar. Behold the ethos of the “genuine” [ones]…

P.S.2: I would like to know how do those “pureblooded” mean “Leftist Police.” Policemen being burned by masked [protesters]? And if so, who are those representing Democracy and Society, and who controls them?